The Taunus has many pretty sights to offer. There is the old roman fort 'Saalburg', the highest local mountain, called 'Feldberg' and Bad Homburg with its gardens. The shopping street of Bad Homburg invites you to stroll. Experience past and present - that is the motto of the open-air museum 'Hessenpark'.  

For the children and families, the leisure park 'Lochmühle' features recreational activities (barbecue, animals and more). The 'Taunuswunderland' in Schlangenbad near Wiesbaden is more exciting for children. In the Taunustherme in Bad Homburg you can experience excitement and relaxation for spirit and soul. Ramblers can enjoy numerous footpaths through the hills of the Taunus.


Wiesbaden prides itself through its unique time facilities offer. E.g. recreation centers like the "Rettbergsaue" and the terrain "Unter den Eichen" (under the oak trees) offer unlimited possibilities for recreation in an idyllic location for everyone. A further excursion worth seeing is the 'Fasanerie'.

The animal and plant park in the Wiesbadener northwest attracts families with children as a ideal place for recreational activities. But also the 'Aukamm-Naturerlebnistal' with its numerous excursions with guides, 'Schloss Freudenberg', which will stimulate your senses or the old ruins of the hunting lodge showing the possibilities of Wiesbaden. Last but not least you can visit the gambling house.


Landmarks are everywhere in the area of the 'Rheingau'. Of universally known monuments as well as the Germania in Rüdesheim, castles and chateaus with its age old story up to old tradition marked monasteries and winegrowing. In the 144 meters long lane called 'Drosselgasse', you can enjoy live bands and dance.


Frankfurt is not only the banks city in Germany. Frankfurt has also some sights to offer like the 'Römer', which was built in the 14th century. The palm tree garden ("Palmengarten") was established in 1968 and had been expanded many times until today. The new attractions are the "Tropicarium", "Subantarktishaus" and the "Eingangsschauhaus", which are equipped with modern technology.